A.C. Davis Creations
“A fun place to be!!”

About Us

We are a father and son partnership officially formed in 2009 but many years in the making.  We strive to bring quality, innovative musicals, stories, games, and other products to children of all ages by leveraging the bottomless talents of Albert C. Davis.

Al is a retired, professional educator, with a strong foundation in music and puppetry.  Al was formally educated at Boston University where he earned both his Bacehlor's and Master's in Music (and Education).  Originally trained as a concert pianist, Al taught for nearly 30 years at the elementary school level in addition to providing private lessons.  During this period, Al was able to combine his love of music, children, and puppets into annual musical experiences for the students and entire school.

Joe is an engineer who has worked at both Fortune 100 and 200 corporations.  His educational background includes a Bachelor's of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a MBA from the University of Phoenix.  He has had the unique experience of not only being Al's son, but in sharing the experiences of creating music, stories, and puppets.  Joe brings his strong business background and love of music and creation to the partnership.

Our goal is to have fun while creating memorable experiences for others.  Ours is a small home-based production shop and we strive to create all products ourselves in small lots.  All of our products are "Made in the USA".

We're sure that you will find something here to accommodate your needs.  If you do find something but would like to see it reformatted, modified, rescored, etc. please contact us.  Also, if you would like to see something different or desire a different product, let us know.  We'd love to help and are always looking for fresh ideas.

Joe and Al Davis